Vivo Introduces Stunning New OriginOS Features

Vivo OriginOS Features

Vivo OriginOS Features

On the afternoon of November 18, Vivo held a press conference to officially bring out its new operating system “OriginOS”. According to Vivo, this brand new operating system called OriginOS was launched after more than a year of design, and it has a completely different experience from the previous Funtouch OS in terms of UI and interaction. Here are Vivo OriginOS Features highlights.

Vivo OriginOS Introduction Video

Huarong Grid

OriginOS uses a new desktop grid system that fits the silver split ratio, giving you the flexibility and freedom to showcase every element of your desktop, which is said to be inspired by the game Huarong Road. The first level, which is already breaking existing phone operating habits in its use.

Atomic Notification/Atomic Walkman/Atomic Component Library.

Atomic Notifications is the equivalent of displaying notifications directly on the desktop app’s display, which is “small” as the name implies, allowing you to be notified at the first level of the app’s availability without having to open the app, covering typical life scenarios, and alerting elegantly. Truly unobtrusive and unmissable.

Besides, dragging and dropping icons from the library onto the application interface and quickly generating small windows to meet multitasking scenarios is one of the biggest features of the new OriginOS for Vivo.

Weather app/Navigation gestures/Supercards/behavior icons

Optimized the information presentation of the weather app, showing the temperature information that users are most concerned about in the form of a temperature line, and displaying the temperature of the day in 90 color values of the temperature color card, so that you can perceive the changes of cold and warmth at a glance.

By tapping on the bottom of the desktop, 26 kinds of gesture combinations can be completed, covering almost all the mainstream operation methods, and you can mix and match them in any combination, which not only satisfies the original usage habits of users but also provides great imagination for creating your gesture combinations.

SuperCard can be used when the phone is off-screen or anywhere on the desktop, and you can call up the card pack with a single tap. At the same time, the card packs can also be customized to display payment types, which is convenient for more frequent operations such as payment and credit card swiping.

For example, the weather icon can reflect the realistic and natural changes of the weather, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and the missed calls and text messages will remind you of them.

Sky Windows/Time Windows

One of the key visual interactions of the OriginOS launch is the Sky window, which brings real-life natural phenomena to the desktop, where all kinds of weather phenomena are included… The shape, size, and density of a cloud cover are mapped out by simulating and sampling thousands of scenes from different regions. Even the speed of the clouds will be different depending on the wind speed in the window interface, which is closer to the real world.

Another time window takes the original kind of wallpaper, as we understand it, and incorporates it into a new scene, finding a clever way to superimpose light and shadow on top of all the wallpaper. By superimposing light and shadow on time, we can feel the change of time.

Vivo OriginOS Behavioral wallpaper

One of the favorite highlights of this OriginOS launch: the behavioral wallpaper. The previous press invitation for the OriginOS launch was a flower blooming in the glass. Many people were confused, but now we can say that the flower is an allusion to the new system’s behavioral wallpaper feature.

Vivo OriginOS Behavioral wallpaper

Behavioral wallpaper uses a very unique underlying rendering and special effects algorithm technology, can present a beautiful visual perception, its degree of detail is far from the ordinary dynamic wallpaper can be compared, claiming that “each petal has a separate algorithm support”. You can clearly and visually see the entire blooming process of a flower on your phone screen.

Interestingly, the behavioral wallpaper also incorporates information about the number of steps you take. Based on the number of steps you have completed, the system can correlate how open the flower is. The flower will not bloom until you complete your step goal for the day. It’s a pleasure to see this dynamic, clear picture of the blooming process every time you lock the screen.

OriginOS Parallel World

For this reason, Vivo has also introduced the OriginOS Parallel Worlds feature, the previously rumored dual system, which allows users to freely choose whether to use the OriginOS atomic component applications or return to the original, which is the same as in the main system. There’s always one for you, with individual application icons on the screen.

Vivo OriginOS Multi-Turbo 5.0

This afternoon, Vivo officially released the new OriginOS, replacing the previous FuntouchOS system, which has changed a lot in terms of aesthetics and functionality. For OriginOS, system fluency is also one of the cores, and this time Vivo brought Multi-Turbo 5.0, which focuses on optimizing the memory, and 12GB of memory can be used as 15GB of memory.

According to the introduction, in Multi-Turbo 5.0, Vivo brings three new technologies – memory fusion, process optimization, and application preloading.

First of all, memory fusion, Vivo innovatively fuses RAM and ROM through algorithm optimization, calling up part of the unused ROM space to take on the function of RAM running, greatly enhancing the experience in the background under multiple application scenarios, and making the application more open without getting stuck.

Specifically, on a phone with 8GB of RAM + 128GB of storage, the experience is equivalent to 11GB of RAM, while on a phone with 12+256GB of RAM, the experience is equivalent to 15GB of RAM, significantly increasing the availability of equivalent memory.

The second technology is process optimization, which provides in-depth control and optimization of system resident processes, reduces memory consumption for 100-200M system operation, reduces system concurrency conflicts, and increases concurrency capacity by 20%, making more space for cell phone applications to run and making use of them more smoothly.

The third point is application preload. Through the application of preload technology, users can intelligently preload applications that are ready to be opened, significantly reducing application startup time, improving application opening speed, and reducing cold start by 40%.

After the press conference, Vivo did not announce the specific OriginOS adaptation plan, but the official OriginOS microblog gave information about it, stating that the OriginOS session will bring more features, technical explanations, and the latest adaptation plan will be announced at the Vivo Developer Conference tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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