Oppo Find X3 Series Will Feature 10bit full-link color management for Picture and Video Capturing

Oppo Find X3 Series Display Features

Oppo Find X3 Series | 10bit full-link color management | 10bit Picture and Video Capturing

At the OPPO Future Technology Conference this morning, the long-awaited full-link color management system was officially unveiled. Officially, the color management system will be carried by the OPPO Find X3 series for the first time and will be unveiled in 2021, along with Snapdragon 875, 125W fast charging, and other features. OPPO officially released the full-link color management system, which supports full-link 10bit image and video capture. This is the first time in the cell phone industry to support full-link 10bit image and video capture.

OPPO Full-link Color Management Features a.k.a. Oppo Find X3 Series Display Features

The complete manifestation of a photo needs to be collected, calculated, encoded, stored, decoded and displayed. The lack of a standard at any step cannot display the picture information correctly and perfectly. The OPPO full-link color management system raises the image information of each step to a very high standard.


OPPO’s full-link color management system is capable of capturing the 10-bit image and video information and is the first to feature hardware-level stacked DOL-HDR technology, which supports continuous output of short-, medium-, and long-exposure frames, eliminating the time interval between different frames. Compared to traditional time-domain multi-frame HDR technology, it has a better signal-to-noise ratio, is more capable of avoiding ghosting, and has a natural advantage in dynamic range.

Oppo Find X3 Series Display Features

Operation – Encoding

OPPO has comprehensively upgraded more than 20 in-house developed image algorithms, including aberration correction, image over division, and AI dazzle.


The full-link color management system will use the HEIF format to store more color information. Here is HEIF Format features:

Decoding – Rendering

OPPO rebuilds the link from system decoding to rendering to solve the problem of Android’s incompatibility with 10-bit image capture.


OPPO’s full-link color management system has high standards in screen adjustment, white point calibration, and color gamut management.

In the process of screen calibration, OPPO uses high-precision optical instruments to collect raw screen data and analyze and generate high-precision 3D-Lut. 3D-Lut is updated to the phone’s display processing module to finely adjust the screen Gamma value, color range, almost all possible display calibrations such as higher-order non-linear properties, color crosstalk, hue, saturation, and so on. OPPO corrects the problem.

OPPO uniformly uses D65 as the standard color temperature of white point for sRGB and DCI-P3 color gamut to ensure the consistency of color temperature of different color gamut contents and also realizes the color gamut self-adaptation of DCI-P3 and sRGB pictures.

On the screen of the DCI-P3 color gamut, DCI-P3 pictures are displayed directly according to the content of the pictures without any processing. OPPO linearizes and inverse linearizes the RGB coordinate data twice and finally displays it accurately on the DCI-P3 screen.

The OPPO full-link color management system realizes the correct conversion mapping between different color gamuts, and OPPO said it will make color management into an SDK and open it to third-party apps to improve the color gamut management level of the Android ecosystem in the future.

OPPO Color Compensation System 2.0

Through large-scale quantitative and qualitative research on the color-weak population around the world, OPPO has also significantly upgraded its color compensation system to bring OPPO Color Compensation System 2.0.

Users can choose the corresponding mode according to their visual condition, and then use the more accurate and refined color chess test method to test the user’s color perception ability, and then find the best balance point between color expression and color resolution by combining the sample data obtained in the previous stage to match the optimal solution for color compensation from 765 solutions.

The OPPO Find X3 first comes with

The OPPO Find X3 series will first be equipped with OPPO’s full-link color management system. Under the hardware-first industry status quo, OPPO’s investment in the color management system also means that it is working hard to open up a new cell phone track, moving from the era of “barbaric” competition in which hardware is more important than parameters to the era of refined experience.

In the 5G era, users’ demand for high-quality video and image content is increasing, while video and social media platforms are gradually improving their support for video and image content with wide color gamut and high color depth, so a perfect color management system is needed to meet the needs of content platforms and users.


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