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Oppo Rollable Phone Hands On

Oppo Rollable Display Concept Phone

After straight, folded, and flipped forms, what else can you do with your smartphone? At the OPPO Future Technology Conference, OPPO officially announced the OPPO X 2021 Rollable Display Concept Phone, which brings a new phone form factor that can be unrolled like a scroll and has zero creases.

Oppo Rollable Display Concept Phone Official Introduction

OPPO says that the Oppo Rollable Display Phone is the latest result of their exploration of the phone form, and comes with a minimum 6.7-inch and maximum 7.4-inch stepless OLED flexible scroll screen that stretches like a scroll with a single stroke, giving an almost zero crease screen effect.

It is reported that the machine in the use of experience, watching videos will match the right size, get a full-screen viewing experience without black edges; reading, the screen stretched to close to the size of the e-book, so that the reading experience more comfortable.

When playing games in landscape screen, the phone receiving messages can also retain the full game screen, the expanded area can be used to fully display the message dialog box, and even reply to messages directly in between games.

For such a phone, OPPO had to develop new technology, especially the scroll structure, for which OPPO structural engineers developed the “Roll Motor” power scheme, through the body of the two built-in drive motors output a constant force, directly for the screen unfolding and retracting, so that the screen during the movement of the uniform force, and can effectively prevent the screen from being damaged when the sudden force.

Oppo Rollable Display Phone Hands-on

Secondly, to make the OPPO scroll screen concept machine screen integrity, unfolded not dented, OPPO has also developed a dual-matrix embedded clutch structure, the design of the body inside the left and right two pallets, in any shape can effectively support the screen.

When the screen is closed, the two pallets can be seamlessly assembled into the same plane; when the screen is unfolded, one of the pallets slides out synchronously, and the left and right pallets support the unfolded screen with zero segmentation difference to keep the screen smooth.

The third core technology is the self-developed Warp Track screen dynamic zone skeleton stack, with high strength steel as the main material, the thinnest point is only 0.1mm, with the linear pattern etched from the surface of the stack, providing sufficient support on the premise of not additional increase the screen bending resilience.

In the development of this product, OPPO said they have accumulated a large number of patents, a total of 122 patents, including 12 core patents related to the scroll mechanism.

Oppo X 2021

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