Futuristic Oppo AR Glass 2021 Introduction, Features, and User Interface

OPPO AR Glass 2021 User Interface

Oppo AR Glass 2021 Introduction

Oppo held the future technology conference 2020 (Oppo Inno Day 2020) in Shenzhen. Besides the futuristic Oppo X 2021 concept phone, Oppo officially released the second AR glasses concept product Oppo AR Glass 2021.

OPPO AR Glass Introduction Video

Compared to its predecessor, the Oppo AR Glass 2021 improves the wearing experience, optical solution, interaction method, and content ecology. In terms of design, the Oppo AR Glass 2021 adopts a new “split design” and is compact and lightweight, nearly 75 percent lighter than its predecessor, so it won’t feel noticeably heavy even when worn for long periods.

The Oppo AR Glass 2021 also connects to the Find X2 Pro via a C to C cable and relies on the Snapdragon 865 to boost CPU and GPU performance by more than 40 percent each. Besides, Oppo AR Glass 2021 is equipped with Birdbath optics, which provides 53 percent better contrast, 98 percent better brightness uniformity, and 40 percent more pixels per degree than the previous generation.

According to reports, Oppo AR Glass 2021 light refraction from the 0.71-inch ultra-clear OLED projection to the human eye, the equivalent of a 90-inch screen from 3 meters away, with custom large-amplitude speakers and semi-open rear cavity of the unique acoustic design, with a home theater-like experience.

In terms of interaction, Oppo AR Glass 2021 supports mobile phone interaction, gesture interaction & spatial positioning, voice interaction, and other methods.

Oppo AR Glass 2021 Features Highlights

In terms of user-level AR application scenarios, Oppo AR Glass 2021 supports AR movie viewing, AR games, AR home, and AR shooting. In the iQiyi AR application, users can watch connected and local HD videos anytime and anywhere, experience multiplayer MOBA and tower defense games, support online battles with friends, and experience furniture arrangement in the Jingdong AR Home application to select the most suitable furniture before shopping in the home town. Besides, Oppo AR Glass 2021 built-in RGB camera, can simultaneously capture virtual and real images, enhancing the AR experience fun.

OPPO AR Glass User Interface (Credit: Twitter)
OPPO AR Glass User Interface (Credit: Twitter)

The OPPO AR Developer Program will be officially launched in 2021, including developer recruitment, developer salon, and developer support programs, developers build cross-platform, user-level AR applications.

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