Oppo Patent Revealed New Swivel Lens Design and 15X Hybrid Zoom

Oppo 15x Hybrid Zoom and Swivel Lens Patent

Oppo 15x Hybrid Zoom and Swivel Lens Patent

When it comes to the OPPO Reno series, two models have to be mentioned that OPPO released in 2019 – the OPPO Reno 2 and the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom, one of the biggest highlights of the series is the innovative use of a scalloped lift module set (shark fin) that integrates the front lens, soft light, earpiece, and microphone.

But perhaps due to cost and technical issues, all subsequent Reno series have adopted the perforated screen design. A news today about OPPO’s latest patent seems to hint at the imminent return of the pop-up front lens.

OPPO’s Future Tech Conference will be held tomorrow, and OPPO has been warming up to the event, and this morning, OPPO dropped heavyweight news that a brand new concept phone will be unveiled at the event. Coincidentally, following the retractable display patent, LetsGoDigital also revealed today new OPPO patented technology that seems to have a connection to this concept phone.

This new OPPO patent focuses on its front lens design scheme, and as you can see from the patent image, the phone features a semi-circular rotating scheme, which allows you to rotate the front lens, which is hidden inside the body, to the top of the body when in use, to meet the user’s camera needs.

At the rear, the camera uses a horizontally placed 3-lens module, and according to the patent, the rear consists of the main camera, wide-angle lens, super wide-angle lens, and supports 15x hybrid zoom, no specific zoom range news yet. It is believed that the camera may become the latest flagship of the Reno series.

Before OPPO’s Find X series had launched a lifting lens to meet the needs of the full-screen + photography. This time Oppo will use new materials to bring the rotating lens design, visible on the phone’s internal mechanical structure. OPPO or has been drilling, is not known tomorrow OPPO released the concept phone will not use this design? We’ll come together at OPPO’s Inno Day 2020 to witness it.


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