Oppo Retractable Display Phone Patent Expose New Design with UD Camera

Oppo Retractable Display Phone Patent

Oppo Retractable Display Phone Patent

From November 17 to 18, 2020, in Shenzhen, OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020 (OPPO INNO DAY 2020) will go live. It’s known that the conference will be focusing on the new theme of “Moving for Good” and will showcase three concept products and two sets of technology systems, including a new form of the concept machine debut.

Oppo Weibo also hinted at new technology related to AR, navigation, and the digital world. “This is a window to open the digital world, not only positioning navigation but also more entertainment scenes in the virtual world. ‘OPPO Future Technology Conference November’ 17th, Shenzhen, China, OPPO full-time space computing AR application is waiting for you to experience!” – Oppo quotes.

Now, a piece of news about OPPO retractable display smartphone patent exposure caused a lot of discussions, the machine, or will be on display at the 17th conference. LetsGoDigital has discovered a new patent application from OPPO, which shows that OPPO seems to be developing a retractable smartphone.

This patent describes a flexible model that stretches upward or downward, or vertically. In its largest form, the model is just like the current mainstream models. The patent was filed at the end of April and officially announced on November 13, 2020.

Oppo Retractable Display Phone Patent

As you can see from the patent image, the phone uses a retractable screen design that can be stretched up and down, in the shrinking state for a square small size phone, very compact and slim, the top and tail of the phone to make a clear curved design, unfolded shape, the size of the whole machine is also more similar to the current mainstream models.

The front of the phone does not appear to be perforated and bangs design; OPPO probably will use the under-screen camera technology. The rear lens is located in the upper center of the back of the phone, to ensure that the phone in any form of the normal use of the camera. To protect the unfolded screen, OPPO has also treated the middle frame to protect the unfolded part of the screen to improve the durability of the phone.

Oppo Retractable Display Phone Patent

As this display is only an exterior design, the detailed configuration specifications are not announced. The blueprint is currently only a patent and doesn’t necessarily mean that OPPO will mass-produce the model, especially since good under-screen cameras and more advanced flexible screens can’t be mass-produced at scale.


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