Vivo X60 Live Photos Leaked Running OriginOS Along with Specs and X60 Pro

Vivo X60 Live Photos along with Vivo X60 Pro

Vivo X60 Live Photos along with Vivo X60 Pro

The time will soon be the last month of 2020, in this time of November and December every year, is the time when the Chinese mobile phone makers release their flagship new phone, especially Vivo’s X60 series appeared the most probable.

The Vivo X60 and Reno 5 series are the ones that will be available later this year, but for some reason, it seems like all of the oppo-Vivo have been delayed this year. Today we finally saw the phone and the suspected Vivo X60 live photos. The appearance also brings a new change, this year’s punch-hole are left and right side, only Samsung is the only one that is centered, but now it’s different.

Digital chat station revealed a new exterior design, the center-mounted dugout screen appeared, this is the LCD. The first time there is a kind of mid-mounted dugout non-Samsung phone. There are two kinds of display, straight screen, and dual-curved surface, plus a new system tips, then it’s confirmed that this is the new exterior design of Vivo’s new phone, the Vivo X60 Pro with a curved display and X60 with the straight screen.

You can see the brand new OriginOS system of Vivo, then this phone is a Vivo phone, recent products then only Vivo X60 undoubtedly. The new Exynos processor from Samsung will be released soon, and the Exynos 1080’s running score also appeared around 690,000 points, on the mid-range, honestly, too strong.

Today, Digital Chat Station has also brought out the suspected scoop on this new phone, and he has sent out several posts and given the real camera image to say. “A new unreleased Snapdragon 875, centered single hole curved screen, 3.6mm ±, 120Hz high refresh rate. Good engineering screen quality, good color cast control, should be a Samsung screen.” “6.65″ ±, the top and bottom of the screen also have curvature, left and right is a normal surface, should be considered a quad surface it. Combined with the single hole, the face value takes off.”

Vivo X60 Live Photos along with Vivo X60 Pro

The accompanying picture shows that these two new phones and its previous microblogging described the situation is consistent, especially the centered perforated screen is more suitable for now rare, and its release time is the end of the year, which is also in line with the Vivo X60 new machine update, so there is a high probability that these two pictures of the new machine are the Vivo X60 series.

Regarding the processor, it is speculated that Snapdragon 875 will comes with the Vivo X60 Pro version and the standard version will host Exynos 1080 SoC. That current reveal is the Vivo X60 series with a mid-mounted dug-out OLED screen design, support for the new OS, OriginOS, and the new Samsung Exynos 1080 processor, which I think will be the next big thing. Stay tuned for offical confirmation.

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