Huawei’s PC – Huawei MateStation Specs, Rendering, and Live Photos Leaked

Huawei MateStation Rendering, Huawei PC

Huawei MateStation

Besides, mobile phones, watches, tablets, smart bands, and other well-known products, what’s Huawei’s next product? The next major new product should be the long-rumored Huawei PC, specifically name Huawei MateStation. According to the source, will use the 7nm CPU processor.

There has been a lot of news about Huawei PC, the official website and even appeared Kunpeng processor and motherboard introduction, but this route Kunpeng PC walk with the various local governments, the company’s cooperation, Huawei mainly provide Kunpeng CPU, reported with more than twenty provinces have cooperation, industrial chain, production lines are also on fire, it is expected that by the end of this year the country’s provinces should have a production base and industrial chain.

The other is Huawei’s brand of desktop computer, microblogging user Ark咔擦一下 exploded that the Huawei PC is called Huawei MateStation. According to his information, Huawei Huawei MateStation desktop computer will use 7nm CPU did not specify the specific model, but the GPU performance is very powerful, set display performance rivals the monopoly.

Furthermore, another report from Weibo blogger 路飞科技说, Huawei is likely to bring AMD-powered desktops at the end of the month, for commercial channels, with a 23.8-inch monitor, Kunpeng new models will be released together.

As shown above, Huawei’s desktop and monitor have been revealed several times. The host chassis is small and has a square, business-like appearance. The Huawei monitor is plain-looking, with standard office specs of 23.8-inch 1080p.

Several reports also indicate that the initial version is powered by its own 24-core Kunpeng processor, 8GB of laptop memory, 512GB of Samsung SSD, and AMD’s Radeon 520 graphics card. It’s also claimed that the processor’s multi-core performance is slightly better than that of the i9-9900K, a desktop that’s designed for government and corporate customers and is powered by a homegrown UOS system that can’t install Windows.

Besides, the Huawei MateStation also has a high-speed SSD, fingerprint recognition one-click boot, and Huawei’s best multi-screen interactive features. From the blurb, Huawei’s MateStation desktop will be a more unique product that will integrate the phone with the PC, similar to the MateBook with the phone.

In September this year, Huawei all-connected during the 2020 conference, Huawei tablet, and PC product line president Wang Yinfeng confirmed to reporters, Huawei will launch its own brand of display products, the future will also launch consumer-grade desktop products.

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