Xiaomi Mi Camera Vlog 2.0 Brings New Video Editing Features

Xiaomi Mi Camera Vlog 2.0

Xiaomi Mi Camera Vlog 2.0

In today’s morning, Xiaomi’s camera division product director Queena said through social media, the Mi camera Vlog 2.0 is now updated. According to the report, Xiaomi Camera Vlog 2.0 has a new draft box feature that supports shooting in sections, regardless of time and location, and can be taken across days, months, and even years.

Xiaomi Camera Vlog 2.0

Xiaomi Camera Vlog 2.0 Features

Besides, Mi Camera Vlog 2.0 templates support online updates. The development version adds new templates such as stories, and more template effects will be supported later. Automatically transport the mirror, one-click into a film. Also the MI Album editing function automatically generates the splicing effect of the two videos.

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