LG Roll-slide Mobile Patent Proclaim New Form Design Possibility

LG Rollable Phone Rendering based on Patent

LG Roll-slide Mobile

Earlier LG officially gave a hint of an upcoming smartphone with a retractable, roll-up display, but the release date is still unknown. Some media suggest LG rollable phone will make debut in March 2021. Apart from the release date, the well-known media outlet LetsGoDigital, famous for the patent reveal. Now LetsGoDigital uncovers the patent “LG Roll-slide Mobile Terminal” which belongs to Lg’s rollable phone.

LG Roll-slide Mobile Terminal Patent

According to the LetsGoDigital report, another Explorer project of LG model patents released, the patent is called “Roll-slide mobile terminal”, but through the design of the patent found to be more on the side of retractable.

The LG phone described in the patent has a flexible display that can be partially rolled up and hidden in its case. In its smallest form, it is the size of a regular smartphone. A scrolling and sliding mechanism allow the phone to be pulled out to the left and right.

When pulled out, the screen area is enlarged by 100 percent. If desired, the user can decide to use only one method. When the screen is pulled out, both the left and right screen frames are extended, so that their screens are well protected by the case.

For this design, reference could be made to the types of apps Samsung’s folding-screen phones have, such as displaying a virtual keyboard on the pulled-out portion of the screen, splitting the screen to show different tasks, running different apps on the two sections, and so on.

LG Rollable Phone Rendering based on Patent


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