Huawei EMUI 11 and HongMeng OS Unimaginably Closely Related

What’s the relationship between EMUI 11 and HongMeng OS?

Still pre-installed on the Mate 40 series is the underlying Android-based EMUI 11, and HongMeng OS, which was released many days ago, still hasn’t appeared on the phone and will have to wait a bit longer. EMUI 11 and HongMeng OS are advancing at the same time, so what is the relationship between them?

Huawei Consumer BG Software Division President Wang Chengluo today gave the standard answer: the beginning of EMUI 11, and HongMeng OS (a.k.a. Harmony OS) increasingly close relationship, such as distributed technology, EMUI has reused HongMeng’s framework, and then such as performance, system scheduling, and other changes, have been inherited.

In short, EMUI 11 and HongMeng OS are increasingly reusing for base technologies. In a way, you can see EMUI 11 as a preview of HongMeng OS, and maybe there won’t be an EMUI 12. The slogan of HongMeng OS 2.0 is “Connecting Infinite Possibilities” which is dedicated to creating a super terminal interconnected world and organically linking users, devices and scenes together, as opposed to the intelligent interaction of big-screen + small screen, or the smart travel of mobile phone + watch.

Hongmeng OS 2.0 focuses on upgrading the distributed capabilities, bringing a new development experience for application developers, and application and device partners cover all aspects of daily life, food, housing, transportation.

According to the schedule, HongMeng OS 2.0 Beta Beta will first land on big screens, watches, and cars, and then enter mobile phones in December, and next year’s Huawei smartphones will fully support HongMeng OS 2.0, especially users who upgrade EMUI 11 will have priority to upgrade HongMeng OS 2.0.

HongMeng operating system has previously been open source for large screens, watches, cars, and other 128KB-128MB memory terminal devices, open-source for 128MB-4GB memory terminal devices in April next year, and after October next year will be open source for all devices with more than 4GB of memory. Huawei has also stated that EMUI 11 models will be preferentially adapted to upgrade HongMeng.

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