Oppo Find X2 and Ace2 Series ColorOS 11 Upgrades Official Version

Oppo Find X2 and Ace2 Series ColorOS 11

Oppo Find X2 and Ace2 Series ColorOS 11

Recently, OPPO has officially pushed out the official ColorOS 11 update based on Android 11 to Find X2 series users. ColorOS 11 improves system resource utilization by 45%, system responsiveness by 32%, and frame rate stability by 17%. Besides, ColorOS 11 brings with it flash windows. It further enables more convenient hover windows, fully satisfying the demand for faster usage in any scenario.

In addition to the system kernel upgrade to Android 11, ColorOS 11 has also been greatly improved in terms of features, such as infinite hibernation screen, multi-level dark color adjustment, inspirational wallpaper, flash window, whole machine cloud backup, and multi-screen interconnection. Besides, ColorOS 11 has been upgraded with an anti-stuttering engine and the addition of Quantum Animation Engine 2.0 for the smoother overall operation and more comfortable animations.

The first models that can be upgraded with ColorOS 11 include the Find X2 series, Ace2, and Ace2 EVA Custom Edition. With the release of the official version of the Find X2 series, it is believed that other models will receive the official upgrade soon.

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