iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test: Breaking The Walnuts

iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test

According to Apple officials, the iPhone 12 uses Corning’s production of ultra-ceramic crystalline panels, a new type of panel that is more solid than regular glass panels and increases the resistance to drops to four times, making it the hardest ever. Simply put, thanks to the introduction of nanoscale porcelain crystals that are harder than most metals, the iPhone 12 Pro durability of screen panel is much harder than a glass panel.

iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test

Apple also uses a dual ion exchange process to strengthen the panel to resist scratches and scuffs and resist everyday wear and tear. So how does it perform? Recently, the hardness of the iPhone 12 Pro was tested, and the test item was the same old bridge – smashing walnuts with the iPhone’s screen.

In the video, this netizen holding an iPhone 12 Pro, screen facing down, a breath even smashed open 8 walnuts, although the screen panel is not damaged, after the boot is embarrassed. “Wipe off the screen and look at it …..”, the voice is not down, the iPhone 12 Pro in the hands of the netizen just boot up the screen green line.

It seems that although Apple gave the iPhone 12 with the hardest glass panel, easily does not smash the walnut, because the cost of changing the screen is too high. The official information released by Apple shows that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro screen replacement price is as high as 2149 yuan (321 USD).

According to the official note, the whole iPhone and the included accessories have a 1-year warranty from the original purchase date, but the damage caused by improper use is not covered by the iPhone warranty and the user has to bear the cost.

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