Oppo RTK Technology Will Provide Positioning Accuracy Less Than 1 Meter

Oppo RTK: Real-time Kinematic Positioning

According to the news from ZOL Zhongguancun Online, Oppo today announced the launch of self-developed RTK high-precision positioning algorithm, the accuracy of less than 1 meter on Oppo mobile phones to achieve high-precision positioning, future mobile phone navigation will be specific to the lane, the technology will be commercially available in 2021.

Oppo RTK “real-time kinematic” real-time dynamic positioning is a technology based on the amount of carrier phase observations, through real-time processing of the observation data between measurement stations to remove errors in a differential manner, to achieve more accurate positioning. Earlier, this technology was mainly used in the field of surveying and mapping, where the surveying and mapping equipment was large, and the measurement operation was demanding.

It is reported that OPPO combined with mobile phone scenarios and antenna configuration and other conditions for a lot of tuning work, based on the navigation chip, adding acceleration sensors, gyroscopes, and other mobile phone sensor information, through the self-developed high-precision positioning algorithm, comprehensive determination of the phone position and eliminate interference, to obtain more accurate results.

OPPO said that it has cooperated with China Mobile in the technology pre-research stage. At the same time, OPPO has also joined China Mobile “5G precise positioning alliance” the future will be based on China Mobile is promoting the deployment of satellite navigation ground-based augmentation system, the use of OPPO RTK high-precision positioning algorithm, and industry partners to promote the construction of high-precision positioning technology ecology.

OPPO’s RTK technology is applied to smartphones through its self-developed algorithm from the perspective of user experience, which will significantly improve the positioning accuracy of mobile phones. For this technology, we have also launched long-term and in-depth cooperation with China Mobile, hoping to bring the new experience to users as soon as possible. We believe that this technology will bring more convenience to users’ lives and more possibilities for new application scenarios.

Liu Chang, Vice President of OPPO and Director Of Research Institute.


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