Smartisan TNT Go Expansion Book Official with TNT OS 2.0

Smartisan TNT OS 2.0, Smartisan TNT Go Expansion Book

Smartisan TNT Go Expansion Book

Following the launch of Smartisan Nut R2, the event also brought one more thing, the Smartisan officially unveiled the Smartisan TNT go expansion book. The Smartisan TNT go extension is a tablet-like device, but it can’t be used on its own. It needs to be paired with a TNT-enabled mobile phone.

Smartisan TNT OS 2.0 and Smartisan TNT Go Expansion Book

In terms of hardware, the Smartisan TNT go expansion features a 12-inch 2K resolution display, 3:2 aspect ratio, 60Hz refresh rate, 380 nits of brightness, 10-point touch support, and a built-in 10160mAh battery. The Smartisan TNT go extension is a wired and wireless version of the Smartisan, with wireless connectivity technology created in collaboration with New Stone Labs and LeCast Screen.

The set includes a slim, full-size keyboard, a large glass touchpad, and more. The wireless version also offers a Smartisan Smart Stylus, which supports 4096 levels of precise pressure and can write for more than 10 hours.

In terms of pricing, the wired kit is priced at $1999 and the wireless kit is priced at $2999. Besides, the official also offers a set version with the Nuts R2 phone, big meet set wired version pricing 6999 yuan (Nuts R2 light black 8GB + 128GB / stylus/phone vertical docking station), the set wireless version pricing 8299 yuan (Nuts R2 green 12GB + 256GB / stylus/phone vertical docking station).

Smartisan TNT OS 2.0

Redefining the Next Generation of Computers, Smartisan also announced TNT OS 2.0. At the beginning of the conference, Wu Dezhou said that TNT OS will not die, and will continue to push forward towards the future, and Smartisan also officially launched TNT OS 2.0, with a completely renovated system UI, a greatly improved basic experience, a large number of built-in efficiency tools, and the underlying hardcore optimization.

First announced the launch of TNT OS in 2018, when the system was still immature, but the architecture has been shaped to be the next decade’s personal computer, and now TNT OS 2.0 is to further improve this goal, UI details are optimized, and bring a large number of efficiency tools.

On the browser, TNT OS 2.0 does what many mobile browsers cannot do. TNT Browser 2.0 has a built-in desktop browser, a 64-bit kernel, and support for browser plug-ins, which is almost identical to traditional PC performance.

In terms of multiple windows, previous systems were limited by Android’s memory management mechanism, and when you had too many apps open, opening them again would freeze the earliest open window. Now Smartisan TNT OS 2.0 can open up to 18 apps at the same time, while the live-leaf feature allows you to open more app windows on the big screen, allowing more shopping or chat windows to co-exist.

It supports Markdown syntax and the insertion of a “time capsule” in one click within the material to generate articles. Besides, TNT OS 2.0 has developed several efficiency tools to make the big-screen use experience. And under the ice-cold, TNT OS 2.0 has also optimized many underlying technologies, especially for the big screen experience.

For example, font sub-pixels and image mipmap rendering dramatically improve the display effect of the big screen; disconnected live and application continued transmission, making the experience of switching between the phone and the big screen truly seamless and painless; memory compression and performance improvement, and better performance of the overall running speed.

At the end of the press conference, product manager Zhu Haizhou explained a question – why do Smartisan insist on TNT? Zhu Hai Zhou said, our original intention has not changed, in the track of the game phone, camera phone, we want to go out of their way to define the next generation of personal computers.

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