Meizu POP2s TWS with 24 Hours Battery Life Released

Meizu POP2s TWS specifications

Meizu POP2s TWS

Meizu Technology released its true wireless headphones POP2 upgraded version – Meizu POP2s. called a comprehensive upgrade, bringing a high-quality sound experience. Meizu POP2s will be on October 21, with a price of 299 yuan.

The Meizu POP2s uses a new double-layer structure composite diaphragm design, with a sufficiently open sound field performance, there is far, near and directional. Combined with the new audio design, let POP2s resolution greatly improved, clear and translucent in the high-frequency, three-dimensional sense of distinct. The in-ear structure effectively reduces sound leakage, allowing the full release of low-frequency strength.

The appearance is also a major selling point, inspired by the Pythagorean Golden Section curve, the POP2s spiral design makes it fit perfectly to the ear, even during intense workouts, it will not fall off. Professional waterproof design, whether it’s outdoor night running or gym exercise can keep the inside of the headphones dry, without fear of waving.

It’s worth mentioning that POP2s is Meizu’s first product to support Flyme Miaolian, open the charging case to use, pop-up pairing easy to use, a second to get into the state. It uses a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, hardware-level low-latency design, professional microphone noise canceling algorithm, whether the call process produces echoes or environmental noise can be automatically noise reduction, bringing a clearer call experience. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS. maximum of 24 hours of continuous battery life.

Meizu POP2s Specifications


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