Meizu UR LIVE Special Edition Earphone Released

Meizu UR LIVE Special Edition

Meizu UR LIVE Special Edition

Meizu today launched the Meizu UR Live Special Edition headphones with a price tag of 1299 yuan. Meizu UR Live Special Edition pursues a natural, non-sensory wearing experience. The Meizu collection of tens of thousands of ear model samples, through rigorous calculation and modeling optimization, to develop a standard metric model, and high-end custom headphones standard hand-built from.

The surface of the headphones with irregular carbon texture face cover sprinkled with scattered gold and silver foil, full of texture. Small headphones stuffed into the four high-resolution Lou’s kinetic iron, through two custom subwoofer to enhance the depth of low-frequency potential, while with a midrange and a high-frequency unit responsible for extending the details of the high-frequency and sense of depth, so that high-frequency sweet, accurate midrange, bass-heavy.

At the same time designed a dual-channel independent sound guide structure, the bass, and mid-high dynamic iron through a separate conduit sound, making the sound reverberation has been further improved, interpretation of a better sound separation and quality.

Based on the tuning optimization of the Harman frequency response curve, the Meizu UR Live Special Edition has a more balanced three-band performance, and to ensure the accurate reproduction of the vocal and instrumental sound details are presented. The Meizu UR Live Special Edition uses custom OFC oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable is designed with low impedance and no solder joints, allowing for better vocal transparency and detail.

Meizu UR Live Special Edition Specifications


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