Most Essential Requirement is Missing On iPhone 12 Series

Most Essential Requirement is Missing On iPhone 12 Series

Missing On iPhone 12 Series

The much-anticipated iPhone 12 series was released on schedule, and the previous hit was that the charging head and headphones attached to the four models of the iPhone 12 series were removed for environmental reasons. The charging adapter is the most essential requirement is Missing On iPhone 12 Series, which core requirements for all users who own any smartphone.

With a price tag of a minimum of 70,000 INR and a maximum of 1,30,000 INR, this huge disappointment from Apple, that they can’t make possible to include charger and headphones, at least the charger must there. Apple says environmental reasons, how they can save the environment by removing accessories and packing them additionally.

If it’s without the charging head and headphones, you’ll have to go to the official website to buy them, while Apple has shelved updated 20W charging head and wired EarPods headphones, while the price has been adjusted.

Meanwhile, the 20W charging head (20W USB-C power adapter) is new to the shelves, also priced at 19 USD and the MagSafe charger, priced at $39, supports iPhone 8 and above (or AirPods 2nd generation and above models). If you’re a new iPhone 12 user, you’ll have to spend nearly 38 USD to get the charging headset and headphones together, but you can choose a cheaper third party.

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