Xiaomi UWB – Ultra Wide Band Technology Demonstrated

Xiaomi UWB – Ultra Wide Band Technology

Today, Xiaomi announced the release of UWB technology, giving mobile phones and smart devices spatial awareness, mobile phone pointing to the device can be directed control. Xiaomi said, we have transformed the Mi 10 series phones and a series of smart home devices, adding “One Finger” UWB technology, built-in UWB chip, and an array of antennas, with Xiaomi’s self-developed antenna arrangement and algorithm, so that the phone and smart devices with spatial awareness.

UWB technology can give mobile phones and smart devices spatial perception capabilities, just like “indoor GPS.” Point the mobile phone to the smart device, and the control card will automatically pop up and be directly controlled. This innovative way of pointing interaction is unprecedented.

The full name of UWB technology is Ultra Wide Band, which is ultra-wideband communication, which has 500MHz bandwidth to transmit data. Based on this technology, Xiaomi installed UWB chips and array antennas on Mi 10 and a series of smart devices, combined with self-developed antenna arrays and algorithms, to achieve centimeter-level positioning and ±3° angle measurement accuracy. Let’s learn more about UWB uses through the demonstration video.

Xiaomi UWB Technology Demonstration

To achieve One Finger Connect, mobile phones and smart devices need a built-in UWB chip and antenna array, and Xiaomi’s self-developed antenna arrangement and algorithm to achieve precise spatial positioning. Unlike existing narrow-bandwidth communication systems, Xiaomi UWB technology has an ultra-large bandwidth of 500MHz to transmit information and improve the positioning accuracy to the centimeter level, which has also been applied in the field of radar.

Also, One Finger Connect, Xiaomi UWB technology has excellent security features, thanks to the ultra-wideband and narrow pulse characteristics of UWB, which are extremely difficult to intercept in space, and the Xiaomi distance algorithm, which is double insurance. These features also allow One Finger Connect to have a wide range of imagination in practical applications. In the future, One Finger Connect, Xiaomi UWB technology will complement Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to meet user’s wireless connectivity needs in different scenarios.

UWB vs Wi-Fi vs bluetooth vs Zigbee

Xiaomi also claims that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the One Finger Connected Mi UWB technology. Soon even the finger can be omitted to make a sensorless connection. When you approach the door, the phone in your pocket will unlock the door for you, and when you pass through the gate, the phone will automatically swipe your credit card for a smooth passage. All this will come true with the landing of Xiaomi UWB technology.

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