Feel the Vivo IFEA Video Lifted And Detachable Lens

Vivo IFEA Detachable Lens

Vivo IFEA Detachable Lens

Vivo IFEA Detachable Lens

In recent years, the manufacturer has explored the path of full-screen mobile phones, figuring out the lifting front camera lens, which hides the lens inside the body and raises it when in use, and many models use this solution in mass production.

Recently, Vivo released a new concept machine Vivo IFEA detached lens design video, making something different for the lifting front camera, making it detachable. The newest addition to our portfolio of products is the newest version of the new Vivo IFEA detached lens design, Vivo has won the red dot design concept award 2020.

Vivo IFEA Detachable Lens Video Demonstration

The video introduces that the Vivo IFEA uses a special magnetic gimbal to support charging the front camera lens, and when the front camera is raised, it can be manually detached, and then the front camera is running, supporting the phone to take photos remotely.

In other words, the front camera is used as a mobile phone accessory to give users more expandability, such as using the portable magnetic lapel clip to hang on the body, or multi-camera shooting.

Meanwhile, the front camera is equipped with a waterproof case, if you want to take photos of underwater objects, just detach the front camera and put on the waterproof case, and support voice control throughout the whole process .The lifting and dismantling lens video shows that if the user removes the front camera, forgetting to embed it in the phone, the phone will also issue an alarm at a certain distance.

The IFEA detachable lens design is a change from the traditional mobile phone lens fixation mode, which perfectly hides the detachable lens on the top of the body, allowing users to remove the lens and control it remotely according to their personal needs. As an interchangeable camera module, Vivo IFEA can achieve four shooting modes including fisheye lens, wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and a normal lens.

The IFEA’s detachable lens design is also very clever in details: the IFEA magnetic gimbal supports charging the lens; the special mobile power supply can be used as a bracket while charging and comes with a waterproof case; the portable magnetic clip design is suitable for various occasions and can be worn anywhere and anytime; and the voice control can be used throughout the whole process, freeing your hands to bring a new shooting experience.

It is important to note that this is just a concept phone, whether or not it will be launched in mass production is still a matter of opinion, but this idea is worthy of praise, and it is not difficult to find out from the video that the separated front camera still needs further adjustment.

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