Samsung Galaxy W21 5G MIIT ID Photo Published

Samsung Galaxy W21 5G MIIT ID Photo

Samsung Galaxy W21 5G MIIT ID Photo

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy W21 5G was certified by the domestic 3C and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) a few days ago, and today the Galaxy W21 5G MIIT photos of the device are published.

Samsung previously launched the Heart of The World Galaxy W20 5G foldable phone in China, which is a 5G version of the initial Galaxy Fold. From the MIIT photos, the Samsung Galaxy W21 5G phone is essentially the Samsung Z Fold 2, with a gold color scheme and the words “Heart Of The World” written on the back, and it’s also reportedly upgraded with dual SIM functionality. The list shows that the device measures 128.2 x 159.2 x 6.2mm, and its home screen measures 6.23 inches. It has a dual-battery of 2090mAh + 2160mAh (rated).

The “Heart Of The World” is a high-end, deeply customized flagship phone series launched by China Telecom and Samsung every year, and its main target customers are middle and senior social elites from enterprises and institutions.


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