Mi Air 2 Pro True Wireless Headset Hands-on Video and Core Specs Leaked

Mi Air 2 Pro

Mi Air 2 Pro Wireless Bluetooth headset

The long-rumored new Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Mi Air 2 Pro has finally appeared in a hands-on video revealing operation mode. But it’s not because of a leaked image of the headset, but because a video has appeared online where the headset is connected to a mobile device, which should be the strongest evidence of its design other than the official image of the headset.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro Hands-on Video

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro Hands-on Video

As you can see, this true wireless Bluetooth headset from Xiaomi will be named Mi Air 2 Pro, it adopts a solid black design with a very simple appearance, the headset uses a half-ear design, in addition to a good fit to the ear canal, it is also expected to include noise cancellation, after all, this is the key selling point of the brands true wireless Bluetooth headset now.

According to the previously received news, Xiaomi Air 2 Pro has passed the certification of the relevant agencies, you can say just waiting for the release of the sale, it will also support wireless charging, with an open lid that connects the function, but this feature should only be valid for MIUI system.

The blogger said that the Xiaomi Air 2 Pro does not need to operate from the phone, just by long press on the back to switch the noise cancellation mode, the headset will provide three noise cancellation mode: active noise cancellation + passive noise cancellation mode, passive noise cancellation mode, ambient sound mode.

  1. Noise Cancellation On Active Noise Cancellation + Passive Noise Cancellation
  2. Transparent mode: Ambient Sound Mode
  3. Noise Off: Passive Noise Reduction

It is worth mentioning that only when wearing binaural support switching mode, single-ear wear will switch to transparent mode on its own and can not be selected.

Xiaomi Air 2 Pro noise-canceling headphones against AirPods Pro, single-ear weight 6.5g, using a hybrid of feed-forward and feedback digital noise reduction, noise reduction intensity of 35dB. Besides, this headset is also equipped with a 12mm moving coil unit, off noise reduction endurance of 7 hours, with 5 hours of endurance when the noise reduction is on, support for wireless charging, voice wake, and pass-through mode, audio latency of 100ms, support for AAC and LHDC decoding.

Mi Air 2 Pro Specifications

Mi Air 2 Pro expected to be released on October 13, and the pricing will be the most interesting aspect of it, whether it can form a head-to-head with OPPO’s W51 will depend on how much Xiaomi’s pricing will be.

Mi Air 2 Pro Live Photos

Source: Weibo (Multiple Posts)

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