Xiaomi TV Master 82 inch Extreme Edition With 8K miniLED and Standard 4K Edition Launched

Xiaomi TV Master 82 inch Extreme Edition

Xiaomi held an announcement conference of Xiaomi Mi TV Master Extreme Edition this afternoon, where it officially launched the Mi TV Master 82 Inches and Mi TV Master 82 Inches Extreme Edition, the former 4K, the latter 8K.

Xiaomi TV Master 82 inch Extreme Edition

Xiaomi Mi TV Master Extreme Edition is a pursuit of extreme picture quality and sound of high-end TV, configuration can be said to be very luxurious, the first screen – 7680 × 4320 8K resolution, 120Hz high refresh rate, True 10bit panel, 1.07 billion colors, also supports HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG.

Xiaomi TV Master 82 inch Extreme Edition

Secondly, this TV debuts the use of mini-LED technology, which is the future generation of display technology, integrated 15360 mini LED lamp beads, 960 partition control light, 60 independent light control chip, “sharp shadow light control” technology makes each partition can achieve 4096 levels of light and dark changes, rich layers! The details are excellent.

The Xiaomi TV Master 82 inch Extreme Edition achieves 2000nit+ peak brightness, 40,000:1 super high contrast, also supports 98% DCI-P3 color gamut, color reproduction is accurate. Besides, Xiaomi TV Master Extreme Edition also supports MEMC high-speed motion compensation technology but also can repair the low frame rate to 120Hz high frame video.

In terms of configuration, Xiaomi TV Master 82 inch Extreme Edition uses Novatek 72685 high-end 8K TV main chip, dual-core A73 + dual-core A53 high-performance CPU, Mali-G51 MP4 GPU core, but also supports 5G network, support AI master engine, combined with 22 picture quality algorithms can intelligently improve picture quality.

Xiaomi TV Master 82 inch Extreme Edition

In terms of sound, Xiaomi Mi TV Master 82-inch Extreme Edition is equipped with “Sound Dynamic Wing” – auto-retractable sound system, the equivalent of two external independent Soundbar, with an 8-unit three-way inverted bass enhancement system, bi-amplifier electronic crossover, bass 20 watts × 2, high-frequency 10 watts × 2 hardware configuration, matching Xiaomi self-researched sound algorithm, perfect reproduction of high school bass, as if in a concert scene.

In terms of design, Xiaomi TV Master 82-inch Extreme Edition uses a full-screen design, screen ratio of up to 98%, one bent full metal wire drawing process to achieve the ultimate narrow frame, excellent visual effects. Besides, Extreme Edition also uses a central rotating base, which can be rotated 208 degrees, easy to adjust. The transparent base + floating breathing light design also has a distinctive high-end feel.

The last is the price, Xiaomi TV Master 82-inch Extreme Edition price of 49999 yuan, October 21, all channels on sale.

Xiaomi Mi TV Master 82-inch

For Xiaomi TV master 82 inches, Xiaomi with “high-end 4K giant screen king” to describe it, price 9,999 yuan. The TV with 82-inch 4K Ultra HD screen, resolution up to 4320×2160, 178° viewing angle, DCI-P3 93% wide color gamut coverage, 120Hz refresh rate, 10bit panel, 1.07 billion colors.

Star screen with sharp shadow backlight system, with 240 control light partitions, 1000nits brightness, 140,000:1 contrast ratio, sharp shadow light control technology makes each partition can show 4096 levels of light and dark changes, giving the light ever-changing levels and details.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Master 82-inch achieves full support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG. Among them, HDR10+ can perfectly render HDR10+ video content shot by various mobile phones.

It also has an independent APU neural network computing unit that is deeply customized by the AI Master engine, which can intelligently analyze, identify and tune the screen – AI dynamic scene recognition, five scenes are synchronized and tuned frame by frame; at the same time, it has AI sound quality enhancement assistance, which can intelligently identify the scene of the current playback content and select the corresponding sound mode according to these scenes.

In terms of performance, Xiaomi Mi TV Master 82-inch is equipped with MTK 9650 high-end chipset, using a 22nm process, quad-core A73 CPU architecture + Mali G52 MC1 GPU architecture + 1T APU computing power.

It also has a 4GB+64GB storage configuration, USB 3.0 high-speed transmission, HDMI 2.1 standard protocol interface, up to 4K 120Hz image quality input, VSR variable refresh rate, and ALLM automatic low-latency mode, in line with the next generation of game console standards.

Xiaomi Mi TV Master 82-inch is equipped with MIUI for TV smart TV system, based on AI learning ability, it can deep insight into different users’ viewing habits. Auto infinite load mode can display all the content on one page, users just need to press the remote control, the content will be displayed like a “waterfall”, infinite.

In terms of content, Xiaomi TV has entered into deep content partnerships with iQiyi, Tencent, Youku, Mango TV, and Bilibili, and users can watch content from these platforms on Xiaomi TV. Besides, Xiaomi TV also brings together the content of future TV, Huawei, Baishitong, Sohu Video, JuSports, JuZhong, Pumpkin Movie, 4K Garden, and other platforms.

Xiaomi Mi TV Master 82 inches built-in Ai classmate 3.0, a new UI interface, support for honey, jasmine, green onion, puff 4 kinds of sounds, so that users have more tones to choose from. Bluetooth voice remote control, independent voice keys, a key to wake up AiYi classmate, voice search, or control of smart devices, all in one sentence.

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