MIUI 13 Power Menu Exposed in Short Video

MIUI 13 Power Menu

MIUI 12 was released in April this year, and now most of Xiaomi’s models have been updated, the next major version of the update MIUI 13 also is in early project, normal progress.

Now UI design of what is claimed to be the new power menu of MIUI 13, as shown in the video below. As you can see, the new power menu has a columnar band design, quite consistent with the current MIUI 12 volume control, and swipe up and down to select restart or shutdown. And it should be noted that tapping the center ring will call out two other mode buttons, currently in MIUI 12 is the flight mode and silent mode, it seems that you can customize the shortcut function.

However, MIUI 13 is still in the feature development stage, the current features are still uncertain, including the aforementioned power menu, and perhaps an early update to MIUI 12.1. According to the MIUI update schedule, a major version of the update is expected to be released in the middle of next year, wait and see.

According to Xiaomi’s words “there is no limit to the investment”. Xiaomi says that MIUI software is the soul of the phone, which is somehow more important than the hardware. Thus, the company wants to further improve its mobile operating system.


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