Amazon’s Ring Introduced Flying ALWAYS HOME CAM

Always Home Cam

Always Home Cam

Ring Always Home Cam

Ring, Amazon’s smart doorbell maker, has just released a new home security camera, the Always Home Cam, which, unlike traditional surveillance cameras, it can fly.

Essentially, the home camera, called the Always Home Cam, is a small camera-mounted drone that shoots video at resolutions up to 1080p and is compatible with the Ring Alarm alarm system. When the user is not at home, it can fly around the house and allow the user to observe any room view. Once it completes its established flight path, the Always Home Cam will automatically return to the dock to recharge its battery. Ring announced that the Always Home Cam will begin shipping next year for an estimated price of $249.99.

(Credit: Ring)

Its best features are its superior obstacle avoidance technology to avoid objects in its flight path, and the propeller comes with a shield so it won’t damage items in your home. Users can set the Always Home Cam’s flight path and the target area to be monitored.

The idea behind the Always Home Cam is to provide multiple views of the entire home without having to use multiple cameras. In an interview before the announcement, Siminoff said the company spent two years focusing on the device, emphasizing that it’s “obviously a difficult product to build,” but thanks to advances in drone technology, the company was able to create a product that is self-sufficient and works as it was designed to.

Jamie Siminoff, Ring’s founder and Chief Inventor (Via: theverge)

When using the device for the first time, users will need to first have the Always Home Cam camera map about the entire interior, or you can just monitor specific areas such as the kitchen or bedroom. In addition to flying on user command, this camera can be connected to an alarm system to go ahead and see what’s going on on your own in the event of an intrusion alarm, such as a break-in.

However, the Home Cam’s charging dock blocks the camera so it can only monitor when flying, and the device makes the inevitable noise while in flight. The company says the Always Home Cam’s flying camera can be used to check if the stove is off, if a window is open, or if a door is locked when the user leaves the house.

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