Xiaomi TV Master Supreme Edition Will Introduce 1st miniLED with 8K and 5G

Xiaomi TV Master Supreme Edition Coming With mini LED+8K+5G

Xiaomi released several new products in one go last month, and two of the new phones are followed by the Supreme Memorial Edition, namely the Xiaomi Mi 10 Supreme Memorial Edition and the Redmi K30 Supreme Memorial Edition, paying tribute to Xiaomi’s decade. The most advanced product is not mobile, but Xiaomi’s Transparent OLED TV, which catches the attention of the public and media.

This morning, Lei Jun, founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi announced on Weibo that another, extra-large cup will be renewed. Xiaomi TV Master “Supreme Commemorative Edition”, 8K TV, relaunched on September 28.

Xiaomi TV Master Supreme Edition

From the announcement of the poster, it is known that this TV has 8K resolution, at the same time, printed below the poster 5G, it is expected that this TV supports a 5G network. It is understood that the industry has 8K + 5G TV, thanks to the 5G network super broadband, ultra-low latency characteristics, which can fully support the 8K video transmission in real-time, Samsung, LG, TCL, etc. have launched 8K TV.

Combining cross-generation black technology for the next 5 years. Xiaomi TV said that not only 8K + 5G, Xiaomi TV Master “Supreme Memorial Edition” also brings one of the most advanced display technology, but Mini also LED, to achieve breakthrough improvement in picture quality.

Why does this Xiaomi TV Master dare to call the “Supreme Memorial Edition”? Xiaomi officials, Lei Jun brought the following answers.

The Mi TV Master series has launched two ultra-high-end models, the Mi TV Master 65-inch OLED and Mi Transparent TV. The former has helped Xiaomi TV to become a top premium brand, and has been well received by users, locking in an annual hit; the latter has been launched on the occasion of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, creating a magical feeling and a glimpse into the future.

Xiaomi TV said, since the launch of the first Xiaomi TV in 2013, years of accumulation of cutting-edge technology, making the recent outbreak of ultra-high-end new Xiaomi TV, all from the internal deep engineer culture of Xiaomi genes and adhere to the original intention of doing “the coolest company in the hearts of rice fans.” Next, Xiaomi wants to make a major prediction and set an industry benchmark for the next five years of ultra-high-end TVs, from which the Xiaomi TV Master “Supreme Memorial Edition” is born.

Xiaomi wants to raise all the excellent picture quality indicators to a higher dimension, and make a flagship that will stand firmly on the high ground of picture quality in the next five years. To this end, the Xiaomi Mi TV Master “Supreme Memorial Edition” is equipped with Mini LED, which is one of the most advanced display technologies at present, and the appearance of Mini LED can be called a breakthrough in the history of the world display, which is a “killer weapon” to achieve breakthrough improvement in picture quality.


Xiaomi TV Master Supreme Edition

Mini LED display technology, is a powerful and delicate backlight layer composed of tens of thousands of light beads, which can provide ultra-high display brightness, supplemented by a wide range of light control partitions so that the contrast can also soar, while the presence of fine light control technology also allows colors to present more levels of grayscale.

Xiaomi’s TV Master “Supreme Memorial Edition” is Xiaomi’s first Mini LED product, which Xiaomi hopes to raise the entry threshold of the entire industry for ultra-high-end TVs, as only products with next-generation display technology can carry the name of ultra-high-end.

When the first 4K TV came out, many people thought it was a “visual excess”, because at the time it seemed 1080P resolution was clear enough. In just a few short years, 4K TVs have developed rapidly and are now widely available, and 1080p resolution TVs are gradually receding from the history stage.

The pursuit of clarity is the human instinct when feeling the difference. It is hard to go back. 8K TV like the 4K TV, is on the eve of popularization trend, upstream and downstream industry chain’s rapid development, so that 8K may even surpass the growth rate of 4K.

Next year’s Tokyo Olympics will be broadcasted live with an 8K signal for the first time. That means that 8K TV broadcasting has become mature, and it’s only a matter of time before it is widely promoted; focusing on ordinary users, 8K has even penetrated daily life, such as picking up Xiaomi Mi 10 mobile phone, you can easily create an 8K video.

All of the above can be available on Mi TV Master Supreme Edition, which makes 8K more realistic. Equipped with a 5G module, Xiaomi Mi TV Master Supreme Edition is the world’s first 5G mass-produced TV to pass the CTA network access certification test.

More importantly, 5G is not only a “highway” for communication networks but also a foundation for terminals to connect with everything in the future. 5G can be called the second revolution of the digital information era, which will bring drastic changes to life. The Xiaomi Mi TV Master “Supreme Memorial Edition” leaves 5G modules for the future, a “docking brain-machine” of the post-information era, giving Xiaomi Mi TV a rich expansion space in the 5G world.

Blogger Digital Chat Station also revealed that the top-end version of the TV is 82 inches in size and supports 8K high brush MEMC and 5G. Previously, the model numbers were L82M6-8K and L82M6-4K; Xiaomi TV received 3C certification, which should be the above Xiaomi TV Master Supreme Memorial Edition, both with 82-inch LGD screens, corresponding to 8K and 4K resolution versions.

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