Realme Under Display Camera Phone Prototype Posed For Camera

Realme Under Display Camera Phone Prototype

The industry’s first under-screen camera phone ZTE AXON A20 has been released, Xiaomi has also announced the use of a new under-screen camera next year’s mass production listing, indicating that the technology has reached mass production standards, the large-scale listing is just around the corner.

On the morning of September 23, realme vice president and president of global marketing Xu Qi in social media, a photo taken in the research and development center. The photo shows that the phone is officially all above the screen, with no camera and other openings. Because there are already manufacturers mass-producing under-screen cameras, the engineering phone that doesn’t reveal the full picture could be an “all-screen on the front” phone with an under-screen camera.

Realme Under Display Camera Phone Prototype

For now, the under-screen camera is the ultimate form of mobile phone development in the direction of full-screen, and the mass production of this technology means that there are no more component openings on the phone screen. But Xu Qi made it clear that the machine is still in the R & D center, indicating that there is still some time before the final mass-production market, and this year is not expected.

Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen camera technology, on the other hand, allows the under-screen camera area to achieve full resolution display through a new pixel arrangement. At the same time, Xiaomi made the pixel gaps transparent material and redesigned the pixel driver circuitry to take full advantage of the pixel gaps to complete light transmission.

Compared with the dug hole screen and lift the full screen, the advantages of the under-screen camera are obvious. The first one is the advantage that there is no front camera to cover up, and the visual effect is outstanding.

The second advantage is the ability to do thin and light, although the lift screen can also hide the front camera, due to the existence of mechanical structure leads to a thicker and heavier body, while the under-screen camera does not require mechanical structure, in the phone inch of the interior, the under-screen camera is easier to do thin and light.

Previously, Xu Qi announced that the realme’s entire series will be equipped with a 5nm flagship core, and speculation is that it will be a 5nm process to build the Snapdragon 875, whether the machine will use an under-screen camera, remains to be seen.


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