New Xiaomi Phone with 108MP and 144Hz Display Could Be Redmi K30T

New Xiaomi Phone with 108MP and 144Hz Display Hinted Could Be Redmi K30T

New Xiaomi Phone With 144Hz and 108MP Could Be Redmi K30T

Rumors in the industry suggest that Redmi has another new phone unveiled in the second half of the year that will come with a 108-megapixel main camera, and it’s not the K40 series. According to Digital Chat Station, a new Xiaomi phone with the model number M2007J17C passed the approval certification, and it has been rumored that the device is the counterpart of Xiaomi’s cheapest new 108-megapixel device, codenamed Gauguin.

Combined with the rumors, the above models may correspond to the new Redmi 108-megapixel phone, the exact name is still unclear, some insider says it is the K30T, but do not rule out the possibility of the Note series.

The current Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi CC9 Pro, and other models use 100 million pixels, jointly developed by Samsung and Xiaomi. As for the aforementioned new phones, they are said to be equipped with Samsung’s newly released HM2 sensor, which is positioned in the mid-range, with a pixel size of 0.7μm, which is 15% smaller than the HM1 sensor size to reach 1/1.52 inch, while the height is reduced by 10%. In terms of features, the HM2 supports dual-core focusing with 9 pixels in one outputting 12-megapixel photos with 2.1μm equivalent, as well as triple lossless zoom.

In today’s morning, Digital Chat Station also stated that Apollo has returned to China and Redmi has an ultra-high refresh rate of 144Hz. The above-mentioned Apollo refers to the new 10T Pro that Xiaomi will launch overseas. It is equipped with Snapdragon 865, equipped with a 144Hz LCD screen, and the main camera with 100 million pixels. According to the above-mentioned news, the machine will be launched in the domestic market. The brand is unveiled, but the processor may be replaced with a mid-range.

At the same time, broke the news also released a screenshot of the refresh rate, showing that there are four optional refresh rates, respectively 60/90/120/144Hz. Based on the above-mentioned revelations, the new phone connected to the network is consistent with the new Redmi 144Hz screen. Therefore, Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro could be displayed in China as Redmi K30T, 144Hz LCD screen + Samsung HM2 108-megapixel.

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