Sony PS5 Live Photos of Biggest Chunky Console And Its Accessories

PS5 live photos

Sony’s PS5 console is now available for pre-order and will be available worldwide on November 12. A few days ago, Taiwan Electronics Testing Center in China, while NCC has released the machine’s physical drawings and other information, including the Sony PS5 live photos, the handle, the base, the power adaptor cable, and HDMI cable.

When shooting, the host computer is in a reclining position, from the side you can see the thickness of the host computer is indeed exaggerated, according to Sony’s official data, PS5 three circumference is 390mm, 104mm, and 260mm wide, tall and long respectively, that is, the volume is more than 10L.

Sony PS5 Live Photos

Seven years ago, the thickness of the PS4 is only 53mm, the volume of less than 4.5L, that is to say, the PS5 is twice as thick, the volume also doubled. Of course, such a huge statue is primarily intended to drive the powerful hardware inside, with this generation of PS5 delivering 10.2 TFLOPS of graphical floating-point performance, support for 4K 120Hz gaming, and 8K output.

However, it’s not clear how the NVMe SSD should be replaced just from the live images, and Sony promises free upgrades, but no specific hands-on details are given. It is reported that the Sony PS5 digital version of the PS5 is priced at $400, the optical drive version is priced at $500, and the national version is also being actively promoted.

Besides, the DualSense wireless controller, PULSE 3D wireless headset with 3D audio support and dual noise-canceling microphones, the HD Camera (1080p dual lens), the media remote, and the DualSense charging stand also unveiled.

PS5 in box Accessories Live Photos

PS5 base stand
PS5 base stand
PS5 USB Cable (Possibly 2pc. In box)
PS5 Power Cable
PS5 DualSense Controller
PS5 DualSense Controller
PS5 HDMI Cable

Source: Verge, (PDF)

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