Not impressed with Surface Duo? Check out Microsoft Surface Solo Concept

Microsoft Surface Solo Concept

Microsoft Surface Solo Concept

Microsoft recently announced the Surface Duo and the first batch reviews form several technologies enthusiastic: the device wasn’t great. However, if you’re the type of person who prefers a single-screen over a dual-screen device, then you can get your fill of the new concept design of the Surface Phone.

Phone designer Jonas Daehnerr called it Microsoft Surface Solo and shared his design on Twitter. The phone uses a similar design language to the Surface Duo but comes with a single screen instead of a dual-screen. The phone also has narrower bezels and a perforated camera in the middle of the screen. And the phone is ultra-thin, similar to the Surface Duo, which has a whopping 4.8mm thickness for a single screen. The Surface Solo also features edge fingerprint recognition to unlock it.

This Surface Solo concept is pretty neat and takes a lot of inspiration from other manufacturers while retaining the uniqueness of the Surface brand. Unfortunately, as with all concept designs, it’s highly unlikely that Microsoft will officially make a Surface Solo.

Microsoft doesn’t want to design a traditional smartphone form the Surface Duo, the Surface Duo is positioned as a dual-screen smart device, and Microsoft doesn’t see it as a simple smartphone, but a mobile innovation device.


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