Flagship Samsung Note 20 Ultra Production Cost Suprised

Samsung Note 20 Ultra Production Cost

Samsung Note 20 Ultra Production Cost

As Samsung’s top flagship in the second half of the year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has been launched in several regions around the world, with its Indian price starting from 1,04,999 INR ($1299). Now Samsung Note 20 Ultra production cost revealed by Counterpoint.

Recently, analyst firm Counterpoint Research has given the manufacturing cost of the Samsung Note 20 Ultra (128GB), which is a bit surprising compared to the device’s hefty price tag. In this table, almost half of the components used in the Note 20 Ultra come from Samsung itself, and then the more expensive is Qualcomm, plus packaging, accessories, testing, software, etc., the entire product manufacturing cost of about $549 (about ₹40,300).

Snapdragon 865 Plus cost $57, X55 baseband + RF, etc. need $97, are the most expensive components of the entire phone, the screen panel also occupies high cost, reached $91, then camera components, occupy $60. Following the cost of $549 to calculate, a Samsung Note 20 Ultra (128GB) profit of approximately more than 61%.

However, it should be mentioned that the cost does not include a series of offline costs such as publicity and after-sales, but simply the cost of manufacturing the phone, so for reference only. The aforementioned costs are just for the hardware, but also take into account licensing costs, R&D costs, marketing costs, etc., and the machine’s true profit margin will certainly not be that high.


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