Microsoft Xbox Series S Live Photos Along With Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox Series X Live Photos | Microsoft Xbox Series S Live Photos

Microsoft Xbox Series X Live Photos | Microsoft Xbox Series S Live Photos

This week, Microsoft officially unveiled the pricing and release dates for both the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. Now, The Verge’s Tom Warren has pre-empted the unboxing of the Xbox Series X/S for the real thing.

It’s not exactly accurate to say the real thing, but in fact, it’s the final prototype of the bespoke machine delivered for production. The Xbox Series X/S is a big deal, with a height of 301mm and a depth of 151mm, but it’s also a little awkward to place it horizontally because of the rounded tray bracket on the bottom, so obviously it makes more sense to place it vertically.

Of course, this also means that your TV cabinet may face the awkward problem of not being able to fit in horizontally and blocking the TV vertically. In comparison, the Xbox Series S is only 275mm tall, with the same 151mm depth and 63mm width (or height when placed horizontally).

On the front, both the XSX and XSS have the Xbox Logo, power on button, and USB, although the XSX has an extra optical drive location and optical drive key. The backports are also identical, including two USB ports, HDMI 2.1, a network port, and a storage expansion port.

The Xbox Series X is priced at $499 and the Xbox Series S is priced at $299, identical to the Xbox One X/S from three years ago, with pre-orders opening on September 22 and an official launch on November 10.

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