Huawei Watch with HongMeng OS Demos in Video

Huawei Watch with HongMeng OS

Earlier Huawei uncovered features of self-developed operating system HongMeng OS 2.0, which is designed for all scenario smart products like smartwatch and phone.

Today Weibo blogger Changan Digital Jun shared a video featuring Huawei Watch with HongMeng OS. In the video, Huawei Watch demonstrates a simple user interface of HongMeng OS for the watch, while showing features like SpO2, heart rate monitor, activity tracker, and some UI navigation.

Huawei Watch with HongMeng OS

Huawei’s HongMeng watch is in testing, the HongMeng system is coming in the spring. And the R&D side understands that the features on this one are the demo interface, some features may not be added in the debut, and then there are a lot of features that are not shown because of confidentiality requirements as well.

So there will also be a lot of fresh features that we don’t know about. I understand the news is that the watch will be formed into a commercial product and available to everyone soon, as soon as within the year, and at the latest early in the year. Also, a big wave of HongMeng products are coming soon, and the Huawei HongMeng (“Harmony OS” for outside of China) system is coming in the spring.

Changan Digital Jun

In the developer conference, Wang Chengluo’s speech is inspiring, EMUI 11 switch HongMeng has been very simple, is expected next year HongMeng on your phone before we have been saying when to release HongMeng mobile phone, now a direct upgrade is not easier?

Huawei Watch with HongMeng OS


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