Oppo ColorOS 11 Release Date Announced

Oppo ColorOS 11 Official Teaser

Oppo ColorOS 11 Release Date

This morning, ColorOS officially announced that its new version, ColorOS 11, will be releasing on September 14 at 9:00 GMT for the global market. Oppo ColorOS 11 for the Chinese market will be released on September 24 at 9:30 am. Unlike previous launches, ColorOS 11 will be released online in a live streaming format.

Oppo ColorOS 11 Release Date (Global)

From the official poster, ColorOS 11 is expected to make some UI adjustments and upgrades to features such as the gaming space, but no more detailed information is available yet. It’s worth mentioning that OPPO had already started the Android 11-based CoiorOS public test recruitment campaign, so ColorOS 11 is confirmed to be built on Android 11.

Oppo ColorOS 11 Official Teaser

With more and more new technologies being applied to mobile phone systems, Android 11 also supports new technologies like 5G, full-screen, and high refresh rate better from the ground up, and also upgrades privacy rights and multi-end connections that users are concerned about. The new ColorOS 11 is also expected to continue the stability and security features of the underlying system of Android 11, and add more system features. Oppo ColorOS 11 will be available on Find X2 Pro, Find X2, Reno 3, Reno 3 Pro in the first batch.

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