Apple iPhone 12 Release Date Leaked in Carrier E-mail

Apple iPhone 12 Release Date Leaked in Carrier E-mail

Apple iPhone 12 Release Date

Yesterday, Apple has announced that the fall launch will take place on September 15 at 10 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time in the United States, but it has been claimed that the launch will only release the Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air 4, while the new iPhone 12 series will be unveiled at a later event.

According to the Breaking news from Evan Blass, has just revealed a marketing email from the carrier, which mentions a “new iPhone 12” and claims it will allow users to “experience 5G.” The email also mentions a date – Tuesday, October 20 – which is the end date for iPhone 12 5G reservations.

But consider that reservations for Apple’s new iPhones usually start on a Friday, end the following Thursday, and then ship the following day. The media speculate that the carrier is likely to use October 20 as a placeholder, but that means shipments are expected to be made that week.

If that’s the case, it suggests that Apple’s iPhone 12 launch event could take place on Tuesday, October 13, with reservations opening on Friday, October 16, and shipments beginning on Friday, October 23.

The email mentions the standard iPhone 12 5G, but not the high-end iPhone 12 Pro series. This is most likely because these smartphones won’t go on sale with the cheaper versions due to more severe delays.


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