Microsoft Xbox Series S Promotional Video Revealed Core Specifications

Microsoft Xbox Series S Promotional Video

This afternoon, Microsoft’s official Twitter announced the Xbox Series S, calling it the smallest size Xbox console ever, priced at $299, but no configuration was announced. Now, well known Twitter blogger WalkingCat has tweeted out a video of what appears to be an official promotional video for the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft Xbox Series S Promotional Video (by WalkingCat – Twitter)

More details on the Xbox Series S were unveiled at the end of the video. On the outside, the console is 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X, an all-digital version, 1440p gaming up to 120 fps, support for ray tracing and variable refresh rate, boasts ultra-low latency, comes with a custom 512GB SSD, and supports 4K streaming. Xbox Series S will be available alongside the Xbox Series X on November 10, 2020.

Microsoft Xbox Series S Specifications

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