Microsoft Xbox Series S Price and Appearance Announced: Smallest Gaming Console Ever

Microsoft Xbox Series S Price

Following this morning several foreign media continued to reveal the low-cost version of the next-generation console, this afternoon, Microsoft suddenly in the official Twitter announced the long-rumored console – Xbox Series S.

Microsoft Xbox has officially announced the Xbox Series S gaming console on its official social accounts, calling it the smallest Xbox ever. The official concurrently gave a suggested Microsoft Xbox Series S price of $299 (Microsoft Xbox Series S Price in India Approximately ₹21,999) and said that more details will be revealed soon.

From the images, the Xbox Series S comes in a white form factor with a black circular mesh grille on the wide side, expected to prepare it for cooling, and plenty of honeycomb openings at the top. Suspected resembling a desktop speaker or a radio.

Microsoft Xbox Series S Price Announcement

The narrow side also sees a USB Type-A port, Xbox logo, etc. on the narrow side, and no optical drive bit. Rumor has it that the Xbox Series S’s graphics performance is around 4-6 TFLOPS, up to half of the Xbox Series X, 7.5GB of available memory, NVMe SSD, and gaming experience as good as the Xbox One X.

That’s all that’s been officially announced so far, and Microsoft says that more details about the console will be revealed later. Sources say that the Xbox Series S will be available alongside the Xbox Series X on November 10, 2020, and you can also participate in Xbox All Access for a monthly fee.


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