Honor Hunter GameBook Heat Dissipation Secrets Revealed

Honor Hunter GameBook Heat Dissipation

The Honor Hunter GameBook has been confirmed to be officially released on September 16, which will be the first Honor gaming laptop. On September 7, Honor official said, Honor hunter GameBook has two major cooling patents.

Honor Hunter GameBook Cooling Technology

Honor Hunter GameBook Cooling Technology patents include – One is a patent lift type cooling structure, air intake valley to improve air intake. The second is a patented black flare heat sink, expanding the heat dissipation area fast heat dissipation.

From the promotional video that can be seen, when the Honor hunter GameBook lifts the lid, the pivot will make the bottom and motherboard position separated, the back can be seen a clear gap, air intake capacity greatly improved. This kind of design in the gaming laptop is very rare, also very pleasing, as for how to ensure the strength of the body, and how dustproof, I believe the Honor has given a solution.

In a previous report, the Honor Hunter gaming laptop performed well in the double bake, the temperature of the graphics card core when fully loaded is only 77℃, the temperature of the keyboard area is only 30℃, showing a strong cooling capacity.


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