Apple iPad Air 4 Case Revealed Appearance: Said Device Releasing on 8th September

Apple iPad Air 4 Case

According to media outlet AppleInsider, accessory makers are starting to sell cases for the fourth-generation iPad Air 4, very close to its previous rumors. While the iPad Air 4 may not be officially released until tomorrow night, the accessory maker can’t wait to unveil the case for the iPad Air 4 and make it available on overseas e-commerce sites.

Apple iPad Air 4 Case

As for the unlocking method, there have been rumors that the iPad Air 4 may integrate the fingerprint recognition module into the power button, but since the power button is not very big, the unlocking experience may not be able to meet user needs if it integrates the fingerprint recognition module.

The other theory is that Apple will directly adopt the Face ID feature, completely eliminating fingerprint recognition. At the moment, this possibility is more likely. According to Jon Prosser, Apple is expected to issue a press release on September 8, and it’s likely that the iPad Air 4 series will be the protagonist of this press release.

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