Vivo Back-case color-changing Phone Prototype Revealed

Vivo Back-case color-changing phone

Today Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station has revealed a color-changing phone prototype, which is said to be a Vivo engineering phone that uses electrochromic glass back panel technology, and the video shows the back of the phone going from purple to silver in a matter of seconds.

Update: Vivo officially confirmed the news saying, “Since I can’t hide it, I will announce it. This is the electrochromic technology of the back cover of the mobile phone. The principle is very complicated, the effect is gorgeous, and the key is not to consume electricity.”

Vivo electrochromic technology of the back cover
Vivo Back-case color-changing phone

We all choose a color we like when we buy a phone, but in the future, we may no longer need to make that choice, as the phone body will support color-changing features.

The technology is said to be low power consumption, with the highlight being the ability to customize the color of the body and even turn it into a transparent edition. The blogger also revealed that this solution will be used in a certain new phone next year.

The application of electrochromic technology in mobile phones is believed to be no stranger, and the OnePlus Concept phone released earlier this year applied the technology, except that the machine only used electrochromic technology on the glass of the rear camera, not the entire rear shell.

The electrochromic glass technology uses an invisible alloy called indium-tin-oxide, which, when applied to glass, makes the surface conductive and the electrical charge that passes through can change the composition of the glass molecules, allowing more or less light to pass through. In the Concept One, however, the electrochromic glass consumes almost no power, going from dark to clear in 0.7 seconds.

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