Vivo Patent Physical Zoom Button for Mobile Camera

Vivo Patent Physical Zoom Button for Mobile Camera

Physical Zoom Button

It’s been a long time since the photo contest on mobile phones, and to get better photos, mobile phone manufacturers have tried every possible way to achieve the impossible on camera. The latest patent from Vivo suggests that the company is quite interested in releasing more smartphones with both hybrid zoom and a physical zoom button.

According to LetsgoDigital, Vivo filed a patent for a smartphone with both a hybrid zoom feature and a physical zoom button on April 24, 2020. The patent was published on August 28, providing us with details of the patented smartphone.

The patented Vivo smartphone has a rounded screen with narrow bezels and a perforated camera in the top left corner. A slider can be seen at the bottom of the right bezel and the best use of this slider is that users can use the slider with their index finger to zoom in on objects in landscape mode.

The patented phone has a round camera module in which four cameras can be seen. The camera at the top of the module is probably the main camera, as it is the largest one. To the left and right of it, you can see a smaller lens, and the bottom appears to be the zoom lens.

The Vivo X30 Pro and X50 Pro are both smartphones that already have hybrid camera zoom, and the fact that the company has already filed a patent for a smartphone with this technology suggests that Vivo may be considering releasing more phones with this technology as well. Since this is a patent, there is also a chance that this smartphone may never come out.

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