Honor Hunter GameBook Release Date Confirmed

Honor Hunter GameBook Release Date

Earlier, the Honor officially confirmed Hunter GameBook, which is also the first Huawei department of the gaming products, has its exclusive LOGO, called “not only to change the game experience but also to rewrite the rules of the game.”

Today, well-known Weibo blogger Changan Digital Jun confirmed that the Honor hunter GameBook, a gaming laptop will be released on September 16th in Beijing, when Honor will also release two smartwatches and several other products.

According to the original plan, the honor gaming notebook was released on September 1, but due to postponement, the Honor Hunter GameBook release date is September 16th. Besides, the Honor will also two smartwatch products at the same time, as well as other products: the details are not known, but are said to be very worth looking forward.

Honor president repeatedly in the first half of this year, the Honor will enter in the gaming category, and there are supercooling, more powerful gaming-class features, thinner than expected, but also declared that “to do it must be in this industry to smash out a sound“, whet the appetite.

The exposure shows that the Honor hunter game this codename “Hunter FRD0”, in the body edge cutting, color matching style, air vents. A side of the top cover and other appearance of the introduction of super sports elements. I don’t know how to honor the processor of this gamebook, will use Intel 10th generation Core i7 which was appeared in the promotional video, or AMD 4000H?


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