Xiaomi 20-inch Blackboard Official Now with Pressure-sensitive Touch

Xiaomi 20-inch Blackboard

Xiaomi 20-inch Blackboard

According to Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi Home LCD small blackboard 20 inches has been online, has a larger writing area, will be on September 2, crowdfunding price of 129 yuan, the retail price of 149 Yuan.

Xiaomi LCD small blackboard with custom LCD film formula, blue-green handwriting, clear and eye-catching display, both the real writing feeling of traditional paper and the smooth experience of the LCD screen.

Thanks to the highly sensitive pressure-sensitive technology and smooth, flexible LCD screen, the thickness of the handwriting is affected by the pressure of writing, the more pressure the thicker the handwriting, and vice versa. Writing with fingertips or other objects on the screen can be done without delay.

This LCD screen achieves almost zero power consumption, consuming only a faint amount of power when the screen is cleared. If cleared 100 times a day, the battery can last for 365 days.

With a set of nano glue, double-sided paste, can be fixed to the small blackboard on the adhesion carrier, stick firmly, transparent without leaving glue, easy to store, and write.

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The stylus tip is made of thermoplastic crystalline polymer, known as “super steel”, with a smooth surface, hard texture and abrasion-resistant. The runway shape pen body weighs only 7g, making it easy to write for long periods. It also provides a silicone pen holder to hold the pen securely in place. The magnetism and anti-loss design make it easy to hold the pen.


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