Upcoming Huawei Phone Will Have This Unique Features

Huawei Phone with dual SIM 5G and Wi-Fi 6+

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Huawei Phone with dual SIM 5G and Wi-Fi 6+

The 4G era, dual SIM dual standby is commonplace, but in the 5G popularity stage, 5G + 4G “hybrid” is standard, of course, 5G mobile phone prices overall high, 5G network coverage is insufficient, 5G package is too expensive reasons, the most fundamental or SoC platform solutions are not in place technical support.

Huawei Phone with dual SIM 5G and Wi-Fi 6+

According to microblogging blogger Changan Digital Jun (长安数码君) broke the news that a Huawei Institute is testing a new Huawei phone, pictures show that the phone supports dual SIM 5G online, while also supporting WiFi 6+. It is unclear if this is a Huawei Mate 40 series phone.

At present, 5G dual card dual standby only MediaTek Dimensity series can support, but also support 5G dual card intelligent switching, 5G dual-carrier aggregation.

Besides, the phone with the Dimensity 1000 Plus is now starting to support 5G + 5G dual standby, 5G + 5G smart switching, but 5G dual-carrier aggregation also needs subsequent OTA update support.

For the time being, it’s unclear which phone this is, of course, the Mate 40 series is the most likely. As for the platform program, naturally hope that the Kirin 9000 series, Huawei’s strength to do dual-card 5G is not a difficult thing, but according to Yu Chengdong, this will be the Kirin chip “out of print”. On the other hand, do not rule out the possibility of MediaTek’s Dimensity program, after all, Huawei mobile phones are now fully using the Dimensity series.

As for Wi-Fi 6+, this is Huawei’s unique and enhanced version, developed through its chip, which supports all the specifications of Wi-Fi 6, but is also the first to support 160MHz bandwidth, resulting in a peak speed of 2.4Gbps, which is twice the industry’s level for the same period.


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