Honor Hunter GameBook Teaser Video Reveals Intel i7 Processor and Glimpse Of Design

Honor Hunter GameBook official Teaser

Honor Hunter GameBook Teaser Video

On the morning of August 28, vice president of the business division of the Honor products talked about the game of the matter, for this game of the Gamebook and released Honor Hunter GameBook teaser video.

Honor Hunter GameBook Teaser Video

During my test drive with the Honor Hunter Gamebook, this keyboard was so hard to move my hands and keep my eyes on. It’s a must-have, high-gaming numeric keypad, standard-size arrow keys, and customizable four-zone backlight effect. Trust me, you guys will love this feeling too.

– Said Honor Vice President

Honor Hunter GameBook teaser video hints at the overall appearance design of the upcoming gaming notebook, including the use of a numeric keypad, standard size arrow keys, support for custom quad-zone backlighting, and Intel i7 processor (high probability of using 10th generation i7 Series).

The launch time, although previously multiple digital bloggers said the Honor Hunter gamebook will be released on September 1, last week, another digital blogger said it has been postponed, the specific release date to be determined.

It is said that the launch will be placed in the middle of September, but it will be separated from the Huawei Developer Conference time, this after a powerful gamebook will eventually meet with everyone, good products are worth waiting for.


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