Huawei All-scene Product Launch Conference Scheduled

Huawei All-scene Product Launch Conference

Huawei All-scene Product Launch Conference

Huawei’s next conference is set, with the official announcement tonight that Huawei’s all-scene new conference will be held on September 10 at 8 pm, but this time there won’t be a Mate 40 series phone.

Huawei says there will be a lot of hardcore new products at this event, and the official poster campaign gives three icons, so you can tell there will be a laptop, a smartwatch and a new product that’s not quite sure what to expect.

Huawei All-scene Product Launch Conference

As for the third product, it looks like a smart speaker, but it’s not 100% sure, the smart band is also expected, and the Watch GT series is due for an update this year, or there could be a brand new product, so we have to keep waiting for the reveal.

It is worth noting that September 10 or Huawei’s HDC developer conference, during the day should be officially launched HongMeng 2.0 system, the evening release of some products may have to be on the HongMeng system, smartwatches, audio these IoT devices most likely.

The conference can be sure that there will not be a Kirin 9000 processor and Mate 40 because the latter two are too important, Huawei will have a separate conference, the practice is in early September at the IFA conference to announce the Kirin 9000 processor, Mate 40 series conference may be late September, may also be October, is not yet determined.


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