Gotham Knights Official Trailer And Game Walkthrough: Batman Absent

Gotham Knights Official Trailer

Gotham Knights Official Trailer And Game Walkthrough

DC official YouTube channel released Gotham Knights’ official trailer and game walkthrough. The Gotham Knights are scheduled to land on Xbox One/Xbox Series X, PC, PS4/PS5 in 2021, although the name “Gotham Knight”, but missing Batman.

Players can take on the roles of Batwoman, Nightwing, Robin, Robin II, and always a family at the mercy of the household, except for the missing head of the household.

Gotham Knights Official Trailer

Gotham Knights Gameplay Walkthrough

Gotham Knights Gameplay Walkthrough

As the story goes, Batman disappeared during the Big Bang and was presumed dead. The player’s task is to keep Gotham from falling in his lordship’s absence. At the end of the trailer, a clawed killer from the Court appears, and it is speculated that Batman faked his death so that he could infiltrate the Owls and root out the outlaws.

The more daring speculation is that Batman has disguised himself as the Claws and is waiting to join up with the Bat-family inside and out. Gotham Knight supports character customization options and two-player co-op, with the tagline “Not Batman this time, ultra-Britishness is yours.”

Gotham Knights Official Trailer (Screenshot)

Gotham Knight is being developed by Warner Interactive Entertainment’s Montreal studio, and veteran Batman game development unit Rocksteady Studios is temporarily leaving Batman behind in favor of the Suicide Squad title – the same fate movie is due out next August, and director James Gunn has directed two Silver Protection titles for Marvel.


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