Microsoft XBOX Series X User Interface Design Loads 50 Percent Faster

XBOX Series X user interface design

Microsoft XBOX Series X user interface design

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Series X user interface design. The home page is faster to load and has some new circular design elements. Besides, Microsoft has also reduced the footprint of the home screen and store, and the new UI looks much cleaner than the previous one.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Experience

The dashboard interface on the Xbox Series X console will be geared towards the entire family, including apps on mobile and PC. Apart from the updated user interface, it’s faster. As per Microsoft, the home screen loads more than 50% faster when you launch your Xbox, and this is nearly 30% faster when you return from a game to the home screen.

Not only is it faster, but it’s also easier to use and prettier. The tiles finally have rounded corners, and as you can see from the images, there’s new navigation. The text is meant to be clearer and easier to read, and everything will be more intuitive, meaning it’s easier for users to understand and navigate without any experience, which is a primary principle of UI design.

All of this will be available in November when Microsoft will start releasing the Xbox Series X. Xbox One consoles will also be available, they’re actually based on the same Windows 10 operating system, and Microsoft will also be releasing Game Pass apps, Xbox PC apps, and more at that time.

Microsoft Xbox Series X vs Xbox One GamePlay (Source: Microsoft Xbox)


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