Huawei MateBook X Specifications, Price and Official Introduction

Huawei MateBook X price

Huawei MateBook X

At today’s press conference this afternoon, Yu Chengdong announced the new Huawei MateBook X. Huawei MateBook X specifications includes tenth-generation Core low-voltage processors, up to i7-10510U, 4 cores and 8 threads, up to 4.9GHz. MateBook X also introduced a pressure touchpad.

Huawei MateBook X Official Introduction

Huawei MateBook X Official Introduction


The “lightweight” concentrated expression is no more than 1Kg heavy, 13.6mm to thin body. The integrated magnesium-aluminum alloy fuselage, side curved arcs, and die-casting, and CNC technology make the whole machine light and high-end.

According to Huawei, to create the best grip comfort and gloss, Huawei MateBook X has undergone thousands of color adjustments and at least 5 layers of spraying, claiming to bring a smooth and delicate touch like baby skin.

In terms of color selection, Huawei has continued its profound training skills and prepared four colors for consumers: Frost Silver, Blue, Green, and Pink, which have both personalized and fashionable elements.

Each component has been carefully designed, and each gram of weight has been carefully considered. The beauty of the details comes from ingenuity, as light as 1 kg and only 13.6mm thin, subverting imagination of lightness and thinness.

3K floating fullscreen

With a full screen with a floating design, a 90% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, 3K resolution, and 100% sRGB (typical) color gamut, the ultra-high-definition large screen is vivid, snd the thinner and lighter LTPS low-temperature polysilicon screen has higher resolution and lower power consumption, for longer battery life. 3: 2 aspect ratio, browse the web or documents, see comprehensive, more have heart should go.

Huawei Share

Huawei’s sharing connection area is built into the touchpad, with a large sensing area and sensitive recognition. Multi-screen collaboration can be realized by touching the touchpad on the mobile phone. The mobile phone can instantly “clone” to the computer. The mobile phone interface can be directly operated on the computer screen, real-time interaction across systems, seamless switching, natural and smooth.

Huawei MateBook X Multi-device Collaboration

The computer can browse the file space of the mobile phone at any time, and the materials received in the mobile phone can be directly opened and edited by the computer, and the content update and preservation are seamless.

Documents, pictures, etc. can be dragged and transferred between the computer and the mobile phone. When working or creating a nap, you can directly make/receive mobile phone audio and video calls on your computer, free mobile phone restrictions, and chat freely and easily.

Huawei Cloud Space

Multi-terminal collaboration, uninterrupted cooperation: Huawei open cloud space, cloud data in the computer to upload the same time, real-time synchronization to your mobile phone, and tablet 6, not only for reducing the burden on your local device, the more your productivity acceleration.

Huawei Cloud Space

Tap the pressure trackpad to evoke inspiration

HUAWEI MateBook X is equipped with a new pressure touchpad, which can perceive pressing feedback in the whole area, which is sensitive and accurate. The pressing experience is comfortable, the vibration feedback is light and flexible, and the methodical and delicate feeling is conveyed between the square inches.

Immersive sound

Equipped with high and low-frequency crossover four speakers, keyboard 3D output, novel and unique, clear treble, strong bass, sound waves flow randomly, creating a rich and pure sound quality. The new audio algorithms bring immersive surround sound experience, the movie affectionate dialogue, music cadence, is more the introduction into the win.

The edge dual-microphone layout reduces the interference of ambient noise and echo, recording clear and accurate, even if the distance is up to 5 meters 7, the sound can be picked up accurately. When online meeting, simply whisper, still throw to sound.


Equipped with the highest tenth generation intelligent Intel Core i7 processing unit 8, with 16 GB of memory, multitasking a breeze, to fill the gap between the care of everything. It supports the newly upgraded Wi-Fi 6, with a transmission rate of up to 2.4 Gbps, so there is no need to wait for a fast experience.


Integrate fingerprint recognition into the power-on button, and the fingerprint is the password. Built-in independent security chip, hardware-level protection, information security is more guaranteed.

Hidden camera lightly presses and pop up when in use, one-key storage when not in use. Prevent remote peeping and guard your privacy.

Mute: Be quiet, Get closer

Adopt innovative heat dissipation technology, quietly accompany, stable operation. When working or creating, you can free up your thoughts without being disturbed by noise, and have a perfect encounter with inspiration.

Huawei MateBook X Specifications in Detail

Huawei MateBook X Price

Huawei MateBook X price for Core i5+8GB+512GB version of Huawei MateBook X is 7,999 yuan, the Core i5+16GB+512GB version is priced at 8,999 yuan, and the Core i7+16GB+512GB version is priced at 9,999 yuan.


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