OPPO Next-generation Hybrid Zoom Technology Features 85-135mm

OPPO Next-generation Hybrid Zoom Technology

OPPO Next-generation Hybrid Zoom Technology

OPPO next-generation hybrid zoom technology stepped zoom drives the future of imaging

OPPO announced the launch of a new generation of hybrid optical zoom technology to bring consumers a clear and lossless full focal length image experience.

The technology adopts a revolutionary stepped periscopic zoom structure, coupled with a large size sensor and refined image algorithms, to comprehensively upgrade the performance and shooting experience at medium and long focal lengths, where what you see is what you get.

The next-generation hybrid optical zoom module performs well on a stack, ensuring technical reliability and image resolution while optimizing the space structure for commercial readiness of subsequent technologies.

OPPO next-generation hybrid optical zoom technology module structure diagram

The precision structure of the image is more stable and clear.

OPPO’s creative use of three groups of periscopic zoom lenses, a 7-element lens combination, provides superior optical performance and image resolution. The lens groups work together to fix the focal point, relying on the flexible movement of two groups of lenses to achieve optical zoom at equivalent focal lengths of 85mm and 135mm, with f/3.3 and f/4.4 apertures to make full use of the optical capabilities of the lens.

At the same time, the large size sensor combines Fusion multi-focal length image fusion technology, multi-camera field-of-view alignment technology, and over dividing algorithm to finally achieve 85mm to 280mm focal length coverage.

OPPO’s imaging engineering team started from the bottom of the hardware and rebuilt the image module architecture to design a more versatile medium telephoto imaging system: a custom-designed 16-bit high-precision driver IC to precisely control the movement of both sets of lenses, as well as the corresponding autofocus and optical stabilization modules; based on the longer travel required for step zoom, the newly-developed driver IC dramatically improves the zoom accuracy and stability of the image clarity.

New generation hybrid optical zoom technology wide angle, 85mm equivalent focal length, 135mm equivalent focal length real photo samples

The new generation hybrid optical zoom system adopts a 16:11 wide-ratio image sensor with a maximum output of about 32 million pixels and supports pixel 4-in-1 technology, which not only achieves full HD from far to near but also has greater expansion potential in the development of wide-format and wide-angle image technology.

During the research and development process, OPPO aims at commercial standards, and continuously adjusts and verifies the driver IC customization, lens material optimization, component size control, and other aspects to solve the industry challenges of continuous optical zoom reliability.

Extreme details and focal length optimization for image creation

Based on OPPO’s keen insight into users’ image creation habits and experiences, the new-generation hybrid optical zoom technology focuses on improving the shooting experience and image quality of the two medium-length focal lengths of 85mm and 135mm, so that you can turn on the camera to capture real and accurate images of fleeting moments, no matter how complicated the lighting environment is.

The 85mm and 135mm focal lengths, as the focal lengths used in high-frequency everyday use, are capable of handling a variety of scenes and image quality requirements for everyday photography and video.

Equivalent focal length 85mm preview screen comparison (below using next generation hybrid optical zoom technology)

The optimized 85mm focal length controls image noise well and sharpens the edges of objects, enabling true color reproduction and more vivid images even in dim light; the 135mm focal length enhances image purity, delineates details, and enriches the sense of space and depth of the image, giving creators full imagination for composition. The excellent medium-length focal length delivers the ultimate in detail, bringing clarity and flexibility to the optical zoom experience.

Equivalent focal length of 85mm for real-world sample comparison (right image with next-generation hybrid optical zoom technology)
Comparison of real shot proofs with equivalent focal length of 135mm (the picture on the right uses a new generation of hybrid optical zoom technology)

Zoom upgrade to promote new leaps in mobile phone imaging

As a tool for observing and recording the world, the image capturing capabilities of smartphones have seen several cutting-edge innovations in recent years. Among these, hybrid optical zoom technology has been instrumental.

As we enter the era of high zoom, hybrid optical zoom technology is systematically improving the shooting experience in terms of image algorithms, zoom motors, lens groups, etc., enhancing zoom performance and performance at different focal lengths, making mobile photography simple, intuitive, and easy to use. While transcending structural design and device form factor constraints, hybrid optical zoom technology is driving the evolution of mobile phone imaging.

Beginning with the inheritance and evolution of 5x hybrid optical zoom technology, OPPO’s next generation of hybrid optical zoom technology has completed dozens of patent applications around the world, adding to OPPO’s image strength.

As an active promoter of hybrid optical zoom technology, OPPO promises to continue to bring consumers a better image experience, oriented by cutting-edge technology and user value, to depict the broad future of mobile phone imaging in the new era of mutual integration of everything.


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